Meet the Rare Find Farm Family

Meet Jim and Lynn

Have been farming for the majority of their  50 year marriage, from Indiana to North Carolina, farming continues to be a major part of both their, and their family's lives. They wouldn't trade it for the world.  The grandchildren are grown up now, but continue to help around the farm! 

Get to know Lynn

Lynn started spinning in 1997, so much wool was accumulating that it was out of necessity.  Unbeknownst to her that it would become one of her favorite pastimes. Lynn is considered to be the head of operations at Rare Find Farm. She is constantly out working with the animals and enjoying the company of her dogs. Come feeding time, you'll find her with a lawn chair in the pasture with the sheep right at her side. She takes pride in having friendly animals that work both with her, and for her.

The Kids

Jim(Grampy) and Lynn(Nana) are blessed to have their grandchildren and Great-grandchildren around to help on the farm.  Their grandchildren, Andy and Sara have been helping around the farm since they could take their first steps. From fixing tractors with Grampy to showing sheep with Nana, they have learned so much from their grandparents. Now that they are older and starting families of their own, they bring their own children to the farm. They are still very young, but they love to explore the land and hold the baby sheep. Jim and Lynn hope to keep the farm traditions in the family for a very long time. 

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